Vas Shenoy, CEO.


All our plants are developed in standard 20 ft containers and are financed on a per kWh/cubic mt “take or pay” basis.


Mobile containerized solar PV + diesel or gas or storage plants of up to 100kW capacity.


Containerized reverse osmosis desalination plants/water purification plants/ grey water purification plants compatible with our energy units.

“Energy + Water + Water Recycling” are the building blocks of health, social development and prosperity. Our solutions are designed for use in Africa, Asia and all developing markets.

Unique selling propositions

Designed in Italy and Israel, two countries with strong experience and technology in developing energy and water solutions. We don’t re-invent the wheel, but better existing technology.

Manufactured in the European Union of majorly EU parts*. (*except solar panels). Provides life-time guarantees due to bilateral backing.

The solutions are financed either on a multi year lease or on a energy/water per kWh/cu mt. sales model (as allowed by local jurisdictions) making them affordable for local communities and users.

Team has a strong history of over 50 man years of working in Africa in the infrastructure segment. Experience allows business and technology risk mitigation.

The Assets

20 foot containers designed to run 5kW-100kW solar PV + diesel /gas hybrid or storage plants to provide 24X7X365 energy without a grid.

Separate containers provide containerized water desalination or water purification plants as needed.

Modular : can be increased or decreased quickly.

Deployable quickly and remotely monitored

Each container produces an IRR of between 18-25% in energy generation and 20-23% water.

Each unit saves over 50% diesel/gas which would have been otherwise used for the same process decreasing the carbon footprint.

We provide financing for the plants, which is normally not possible due to the small size of the transaction.

Potential Clients and uses

  • Border security, defence and other government agencies. Security check points, border posts.
  • Mobile tower operators.
  • Small industries like water purification, ice manufacturing, electric “tuk-tuk” recharging.
  • Remote coastal communities, cities for water desalination.
  • Urban communities, and slums for water purification and electricity generation.
  • Urban and rural health services, water waste treatment plants, desert villages, resorts.
  • Mines and farms, solar pumps and agri-processing, refrigeration for milk, fishing industry.
  • Ready potential users for defence and homeland security, fishing communities (Kenya and Senegal), urban use (Kenya and Rwanda), mining and farming (Zambia)