Vas Shenoy, CEO.

Maya Token

The Maya Coin is a token, issued by Maya Holdings OÜ- a company incorporated in Estonia, which will fund product development.

50,000 security tokens of 10 Euros (500,000 Euros) each are issued in the pre-sale phase. The capital raised will be used for developing the technology to issue the coin, manufacture two pilot plants and install them in East Africa and hire the management team. The pre-sale phase will have a hard cap of Euro 1 million.

90,000 Security Tokens of 20 Euros each (1,800,000 Euros) will be sold at the actual STO to raise funds for the first 18 months of the project. Proceeds will be used for business development, closing contracts, research, legal expenses, etc. The STO is expected in 3 months of the successful completion of the pre-sale. Proceeds from the STO will be used for acquisition of companies which have currently been developing the technology. (Elf Israel Ltd. and VIP Energy Ltd.)

During the first 12 months of operation the management team will develop and register a prospectus with the Estonian Financial Supervisory Agency (EFSA) for a Security Token Offering (STO) of 10 Million Euros in Year 2. The STO will issue a securitized token, which will be used to finance plants. We expect the security token to have a minimum guaranteed annual return of 7% from 2021 though planned returns may be between 11-15%, the company expects to pay higher returns than the guaranteed return based on market performance of the units. The company will either repurchase the security tokens in 2031 and burn them or continue paying the return at its discretion.

Maya Holdings OÜ, a private limited company, has been established in Estonia as of December 2019.
Maya Holdings OÜ will incorporate two subsidiaries: Maya Coin OÜ and Maya Energy OÜ.

Maya Coin OÜ will be the coin issuing company and finance Maya Energy OÜ which will in-turn own the assets.
Estonian law requires that any security token offering which raises over 2.4 million Euros in the first year, requires to have its prospectus approved by the Estonian Financial Supervision and Resolution Authority (Finantsinspektsioon).


security tokens of
10 Euros

Developing the technology
Hire the management team
Manufacture two pilot plants

Therefore the offering is divided in phases:

Phase I (Jan 2020) 50,000 Security tokens of 10 Euros each (500,000 Euros)
  • Developing the technology
  • Manufacture two pilot plants
  • Hire the management team
  • Create tech infrastructure for STO
Phase II (Sept 2021) 90,000 Security tokens of 20 Euros each at the STO. (1,800,000 Euros)
  • Acquisition of companies in Italy and Israel
  • Deployment of initial commercial plants
  • Registration of prospectus of 10 mil Euros with EFSA.
  • 18 month operation budget
Phase III (Apr 2021) 400,000 Security token issue of 25 Euros each (10,000,000 Euros)
  • Funds will be used to deploy pipeline developed in the past 12 months.
  • All tokens will be 100% asset backed
  • From Dec 2021 all tokens will receive a minimum guaranteed 7% annual return for 10 years. We aim for a return of 13%+ annually. The company will either repurchase the security tokens in 2031 and burn them or continue paying the return at its discretion.

Pre-sale Funds Use

  • 3 Prototype Units
  • Salaries for staff (6p X 12 months)
  • Licenses and Legal
  • Office and administration
  • Marketing and travel
  • Software and technology
  • Contingency

Blockchain & DIVI

Blockchain allows users to trade the Maya coin instantly and peer to peer, letting us list the Maya coin on global exchanges increasing after market value and finally permits the participation of individuals in the green electrification of the developing world with small contributions that are rewarded with a healthy return. Eventually, it also give the opportunity for people in developing countries to use the coin for their transactions.


Maya coins choice of the Divi ecosystem is to harness a mutual synergy.

Divi is building the world’s most user-friendly crypto wallet ecosystem for non-technical users. This allows for common netizens with limited technical capacities to buy crypto and therefore invest in the Maya coin with a few clicks.


Divi’s CEO, Geoff McCabe is a huge fan of solar power and sustainability, and is extremely passionate about the MAYA project.


Divi will provide an in-wallet exchange as well, so MAYA tokens could be sold within the wallet for Bitcoin or Eur/USD.

On/Off ramp

Divi will provide an in-wallet fiat-to-crypto (and vice-versa) onramp as well as USD and EURO accounts. Although awards are paid in DIVI, Maya token holders could opt to have them automatically converted to EURO/USD and deposited in their account.

Financial Motivation

Maya’s success will result in tying up a large number of DIVI coins, resulting in scarcity and a much higher value for the tokens. The entire DIVI team and community stand to benefit, and thus will support the project.


Maya’s expects to make its dividend payments in DIVI, which has many other use cases simultaneously, resulting in more price stability, and upward price potential, than if MAYA developed its own unique token for the purpose.

On-chain payments

Because the MAYA token will live on the same blockchain as the DIVI coin, on-chain payments are easy and result in a few benefits such as a one-stop shop for all things MAYA in a single user-friendly app or panel in the Divi App.

Maya advantages

Coins have a small face value, allowing global participation. The coin is backed by a strong business model and annual return. As the company becomes more valuable the value of the security token will increase.

Issue of new tokens (above 180,000 tokens) will depend on the number of orders for generating clean energy. There is a direct relation between the number of tokens and the number of kWh generated.

We plan to apply from grants from private foundations, bilateral organizations (like the Italian Agency for cooperating and development) and multilateral organizations, which provide free grants for renewable energy projects. Upto 50% of the capital cost of the containers may be covered by grants. This exponentially increases the return per unit and therefore returns would be greater than 20%+ annually. Several billion USD are set aside annually for grants for rural electrification and renewable energy implementation for which we qualify.

The company plans to obtain a e-money license (check graphics) and the token will also function as a utility token assisting in increasing trade and payments in developing and developed countries. The Maya Coin company will have its own business model and plan to increase the use of the Maya token. This will increase the token value over time as it rolls out as a payment form in several developed and EU countries. This makes us a utility and security token where the token is used for real-time payments as well has an annual return to the holder. Blockchain allows us to calculate return based on possession and pay the return every quarter from 2021. Blockchain also allows realtime trade by owners keeping the investment liquid and open to all.

The company will launch a green app by December 2020 where token subscribers will be able to track energy generated real-time and green energy generated real time and track the subscribers carbon footprint this will then merge into our own crypto/fiat wallet and e-Money account for which we expect to have licenses for by then.