Vas Shenoy, CEO.


Over 45% of Africa does not have an electricity grid. While Africa accounts for over 13% of the worlds population it has only 4% of the worlds electricity supply.

Energy and water are the catalysts for growth and development. The availability of clean water and energy is important for health, well being and the environment.

Currently energy in most cases in the developing world, specially in non grid connected areas, is sourced from old diesel generators which are very high on green house gas (GHG) emissions.

Costs of diesel in Africa and Asia is very high as compared to the US and Europe, specially in inland locations, increasing the costs of energy produced as high as $1/kwH.

Maya Energy

Crowd financing small renewable energy generation and water plants is an unexplored opportunity. It provides high returns, benefits local communities and reduces green house gases.

Maya Energy is an innovative off-grid renewable energy and water producer which deploys financed mobile hybrid energy and water plants for use in off grid areas.

We design, finance, deploy and maintain the energy and water plants, outsourcing manufacturing to industry partners who have decades of manufacturing expertise, mitigating technology risk.

Team Maya

Startup Organogram

Vas Shenoy
Founder and CEO, Maya Holdings OÜ

Vas has been an entrepreneur since he was 16, setting up his first tech company in 1996. He has since, managed startups, companies and projects in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East in different verticals including technology, energy, infrastructure and development.

Vas has implemented technology, development and infrastructure projects in Africa since 2002 often partnering with UN agencies, the World Bank Group and giants such as Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco and has strong relationships with bilateral and multilateral organizations active in the region. He has been developing renewable energy projects in the Middle East, North African and Sub Saharan markets since 2013 and has extensive knowledge of the markets. He was the CEO of Elf Energy and Nascent Energy, renewable energy Independent Power Producers with a 400 MW pipeline of renewable energy assets in the Middle East and Sub- Saharan Africa.

He is the President of Glocal Cities and Sākshī, two not-for-profits focused on development in Africa and South Asia and advises governments and corporations. He is an alumnus of the United World College of the Adriatic, Italy, the University of Mumbai and the Università degli Studi di Napoli “l’Orientale”.

Geoff McCabe
Board Member

Geoff is the CEO and co-founder of the Divi Project cryptocurrency, one of the top- performing cryptocurrencies since mid-2017.

He is recognized as a thought leader in the Blockchain space, and has been interviewed on dozens of channels, including on National television multiple times.

Geoff has a M.Sc. In Physics and is also a sustainability expert and a fan of solar power, who lives in a permaculture-based eco-village in Costa Rica.

Zev Rosenzwei
Board Member

Zev holds degrees in Engineering, Civil Law and Common Law from McGill University in Montreal.

A Canadian national, he has worked on design elements of several Canadian nuclear plants, for Lockheed Martin on the management of the design and delivery of a series of major warships to the Canadian Navy, and as a Vice President of Bombardier Aerospace on a $4.2 Billion program to train NATO fighter pilots in Canada.

In recent years, he has applied his skills in the management of technology programs in the field of renewable energy acting as chief executive and advisor of several companies.

S. Anantha Krishnan
Board Member

Krishnan has worked in cross-cultural environments for over 35 years. A veteran of UN Agencies, Krishnan has spent over 13 years with UNEP and UN-HABITAT. His focus in Africa has been slum redevelopment, local economic development, youth empowerment among other issues. He has also been associated with the World Food Program, NORAD, The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with extensive field experience in Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, Norway; Nigeria, India, Pakistan. He has mobilized resources for UN programs from bilateral and multilateral donors as well as pioneered partnerships with private sector companies for youth and local economic development regional programs in Africa.

His educational qualifications include, M.Sc., Social Analysis, University of Bradford, P.G. Diploma, International Management, North European Management Institute, Oslo, M.Tech. Hydraulics, IIT, Bombay, B.E., Civil Engineering, Annamalai University. He is fluent and literate in English, Norwegian, Malayalam and Tamil with a working knowledge of Hindi and Urdu. He is proficient in Swedish and Danish with minimal working knowledge of French and Kiswahili.

Erik Arling
COO, Management Team

A Swedish National Erik is an international project expert with extensive experience from IFI financed international climate change and environment projects, private sector development, capacity building and trust fund management.

Most recently he was the Climate Finance Specialist for the Nordic Development Fund until 2018. He has strong experience in financing renewable energy projects in several developing markets, from the Caucus and Balkans to East Africa.

Norbert Holthenrich
CTO, Management Team

A German National, Norbert has been head of R&D and manufacturing of a major European inverter manufacturer (Lti Re-energy) until recently owned by the Körber Group.

He will join Maya Energy initially as a consultant during the startup phase and eventually as a full time senior management employee. He has over 20 years experience in developing and manufacturing renewable energy systems and is also familiar with system compliance for development countries after having achieved approval for his current companies products in countries ranging from Turkey to Kenya. He is also familiar with engineering systems to incentivate local assembly when incentives and conditions demand so.